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    LGTA is as strong as its' members. Your elected officers are not "The Union" you are the union. Teachers’ unions are made up of groups of people like you and me who work together to solve problems and to have a voice in what happens in our work environment. A teachers’ union gives us a louder voice on the job with regards to salary, benefits, safety, job security, and the ways in which our work is done and handled.

    By joining LGTA, you can take part in making the decisions that affect salary, fringe benefits, leave and transfer policies, workload, grievance procedures, curriculum matters, safety programs, and other teacher concerns. Only as a member of LGTA/CTA/NEA are you able to elect representation to the Council and Assembly of Lemon Grove Teacher’s Association /California Teachers Association/National Education Association and receive representation during any RIF proceedings. Additional benefits include: NEA No-Cost Life and Accident Insurance, attorney referral on employment-related and private legal matters, low-cost insurance, and entertainment-travel-recreational discount passes.

  • CTA Auto & Home Insurance Program

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    Benefits of Belonging to LGTA / CTA / NEA

    2018-2019 Tentative Agreement

    Article 16 Salary LGTA to LGSD 12.17

    LGTA/LGSD Tentative Agreement & Documents - May 22, 2018

    LGTA Proposal to Lemon Grove School District April 13, 2018