About LGTA

LGTA represents and advocates for 184 teachers, nurses, psychologists, resource specialists, speech/language pathologists, and state pre-school teachers. While we are small in comparison to many of our counterparts, through working together across the district, we continue to provide the quality academic experience for each student, each day that our community of families support. Because we are a small district we have the benefit of knowing our colleagues at each site and networking on a regular basis. Our district offers an atmosphere that can not be found in a large district. That is why the majority of teachers average between 19-34 years in their service as a Lemon Grove Educator.

We are pleased to be part of the East County Teachers UNISERV which is a local collaboration association for members of four east county teacher associations affiliated with the California Teachers Association and the National Education Association.

By joining LGTA, you can take part in making the decisions that affect salary, fringe benefits, leave and transfer policies, workload, grievance procedures, curriculum matters, safety programs, and other teacher concerns. Only as a member of LGTA/CTA/NEA are you able to elect representation to the Council and Assembly of Lemon Grove Teacher’s Association /California Teachers Association/National Education Association and receive representation during any RIF proceedings. Additional benefits include: NEA No-Cost Life and Accident Insurance, attorney referral on employment-related and private legal matters, low-cost insurance, and entertainment-travel-recreational discount passes.