How to view your paychecks on PAY DAY

Go directly to this website below: (Note: there will also be a link on our Lemon Grove School District website under Staff: Paystubs online)

  2. Enter your Employee ID
  3. Default Password – First 4 of last name in CAPS + Last 4 of SSN
  4. You can use ESS from home/work or anywhere. Disable pop-up blocker – The PDF paycheck will try to pop up in a new tab/window
  5. Two useful handouts:
    1. Viewing Your Paycheck in ESS (8 pp.) – These directions cover how to log into ESS, change a password, enter a security question, and view paychecks/compensation split (updated 7/22/16)
    2. How to Read Your Paycheck (3 pp.) – Job aid for how to read the paycheck
  1. There is a Compensation Split link directly below the View Paycheck link to see earnings in greater details (Multiple Components of Pay MCOPs, additional pays, stipends, payroll earnings, and items which add to the total gross). These directions are in the Viewing Your Paycheck in ESS handout.PeopleSoft
  2. You are encouraged to set up your security question (pp.2-3 of Viewing Your Paycheck in ESS). That way you can later use the "Forgot My Password" link on the ESS login page to have a new temporary password emailed to you in the event that you forget your password.

You can log in prior to payday, you just won’t see a paycheck stub until payday.